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At Paratonnerre Montréal Inc., our experts are happy to help you find out more about the installation of lightning conductors, an essential device for protecting your building from direct lightning strikes. Should you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact our team! We are based in Chambly, on the South Shore, but we travel throughout the Montréal area.


It should be noted that the law prohibits, under penalty of prosecution, anyone not licenced in lightning protection (electricians, contractors, masons, roofers, etc.) to sell or offer for sale, repair or reinstall lightning conductors.


Your lightning protection system must be designed for your specific needs. Every system is different due to the shape and slope of the roof and the placement of the chimney and dormers. In addition, the type of soil can affect the method of grounding. Options include a 3.05 meter (10 feet) copper rod (Figures 1 to 5) or an underground belt connected to a water hose outside the building (Figure 6). The ohmic test of each grounding is essential: it forms the heart of your system (maximum 25 ohms).


Thanks to our 60 years of experience in a single specialization since the founding of our company and the constant knowledge updates of our partners at Indelec, we have been able to acquire and maintain an extremely high level of expertise. Take advantage of this experience with our audit service: we can thoroughly analyze existing sites using methods specially designed to take into account all aspects related to protection. The computer-based component of the process takes place at Indelec, more specifically at its design office, where our technicians create protection systems for our customers in strict compliance with current standards and regulations.


The "rolling sphere" approach, the calculation of the level of protection required, the simulation of the protection afforded by lightning conductors with early streamer emission and meshed cages, the assessment of the needs of networks with respect to lightning conductors... these are just some of the topics being studied using software specifically developed for these applications. As with any ITE (information technology equipment), the maintenance of lightning protection systems affects their functioning at the time of loading. Our longstanding record of service and our proximity established through our network of subcontractors allows us to ensure the best possible follow-up after a sale.

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