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Sale and installation

At Paratonnerre Montréal Inc. in Chambly, we help our customers protect their home, business, institution or factory from lightning by installing quality lightning conductors. Our products are among the best on the market and our team is composed of highly skilled technicians.

Rental (short and long term)

A properly installed lightning conductor can help ensure the safety of your facilities during all kinds of special events (sporting events, film shoots, outdoor fairs, etc.). Contact us for a free estimate.

Lightning conductors are used to protect buildings from direct lightning strikes. They redirect electrical charges into the ground, thereby avoiding damage caused by the current passing through the building itself.


There are three main types of systems:



Early streamer emission lightning conductors

The result of recent advances in the field of lightning protection, the PDA is an improved version of the lightning rod. We use the Prevectron 2 lightning conductor, designed by Indelec. This model has a point fitted with an electrical ESE (early streamer emission) device that allows it anticipate the rising precursor of a lightning strike. Autonomous and user-friendly, it offers an excellent protection radius. According to the NFC 17-102 standard, a system must be composed of:


  • A Prevectron 2 early streamer emission lightning conductor installed on an extended post

  • One or two ground conductors, which connect to the ground sensor

  • One or two grounding electrodes, which flow and disperse electrical currents

Meshed cage lightning conductors

A meshed cage lightning protection system is in fact a conductor network installed outside a building. The mesh, which can be fitted with small sensor points (0.30 to 0.50 m), is placed in the roof and connected to the ground by downpipes interconnected by an embedded belt. This system is highly effective at protecting against magnetic fields thanks to its large number of down conductors. This system must be adapted to the NFC 17-100 (NF ENV 61024-1) standard.

Taut wire lightning conductors

This system is used for buildings with an irregular configuration or that are located in an open outdoor area. Isolated from the structure it protects, a taut wire lightning protection system uses a network of wire conductors extended over the area to be protected. These wire conductors are attached to independent posts. This system must comply with the NFC 17-100 (NF ENV 61024-1) standard.

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